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Southern Providore

Clock Pickup 5 - 10 mins.
     Open until 5:45 pm


Port Willunga Fine Foods Chilli Almonds 100g

Fleurieu almonds, roasted and salted with chilli, too moorish to stop eating!

Port Willunga Fine Foods Feijoa Paste 125g

This fruit has the magic flavour of a fruit salad, with a distinct texture, beautiful with all cheeses or scones & cream!

Port Willunga Fine Foods Merlot Grape Wine Conserv 125g

The Merlot Conserve is light with a strong grape flavour that suits an array of cheeses from salty brie's to strong blue cheeses

Port Willunga Fine Foods Pinot Grape Wine Conserve 125g

The Pinot Conserve exhibits a strong flavour with savoury notes, with a rich berry tone and sweetness : match with goats cheese, blue and camembert

Port Willunga Fine Foods Pistachios 90g

Roasted & salted, superb to snack on

Port Willunga Fine Foods Raw Almonds 100g

Grown on the Fleurieu Pennisular, ( nonpareil variety) raw, local & fresh.

Port Willunga Fine Foods SA Fruit & Nuts 90g

A combination of Adelaide Hills apple, Barossa apricots, raw Fleurieu almonds and muscatels

Port Willunga Fine Foods Smoked Almonds 100g

Riverland SA almonds roasted with a smoke flavour, one can not get enough!

Port Willunga Fine Foods Sun Dried Apple 45g

Adelaide Hills sun dried apples, taste like they have fallen off the tree, superb with cheese or as a light snack

Port Willunga Fine Foods Sun Dried Apricots Riverland 100g

Plump Sweet & Tart grown and picked in the Riverland SA

Port Willunga Fine Foods Sun Dried Pears 50g

Adelaide Hills sun dried pears, taste like toffee superb with cheese or as a light snack

Port Willunga Fine Foods Triple Chocolate Almonds 125g

Roasted Fleurieu almonds coated with milk and dark chocolate, dusted with milk chocolate.

Port Willunga Fine Foods Wine Platter Pack

Create the perfect picnic with family and friends, just add the fresh crusty bread and a glass of your favourite brew; fruity olives, our local olive oil and…

Sml Koala Choc – Milk & White 2pc

2pk Belgian milk and white chocolate koalas. Handmade in South Australia

Southern Providore

5:10 am - 5:45 pm

Phone (858)526-5381

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