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  • I placed an order for collection / delivery to gate. Where do I collect my order?
    • If you have opted for collection, follow the instructions in your order confirmation and head to the “Order Collection Point” at your chosen store and show your order confirmation.
    • If you have opted for delivery, your order will be ready to collect [at the gate area] from our delivery partner. Look out for the person wearing the DXB&more uniform yellow vest and show your order confirmation
  • What happens if my order is not ready or is not delivered before I am due to board? 
    • If your order is delayed and you are unable to wait, please let us know by sending your order details (Order Number, Name, Contact details) to dxbmore.help@servy.ae and we will be happy to rectify.
    • You may still see charges on your credit card statement, but we will be able to refund these once we have all the details of your order
  • Can I change my order after it has been placed?
    • Merchants begin preparing your order once it is placed.  Therefore, if your order is for food & beverage, the order can no longer be changed or cancelled.  You can, however, add items to an order (collection only) on arrival at the pick-up location.
  • I changed my mind. How do I cancel an order?
    • Once you have placed your order it is prepared immediately. If you have ordered food & beverage items, these cannot be cancelled. Retail orders can be canceled through the merchant at collection, with the delivery staff or through our help desk at dxbmore.help@servy.ae.
  • When do I get charged for my order?
    • Transactions are pre-authorised once your order is submitted and charged when your order is collected.
    • Servy emails you an itemised receipt once your order is picked up. Servy is the merchant of record on your credit card statement, but all merchant information is included on your receipt.
  • I did not receive a receipt for my order. How can I get a copy?
  • How do I get a refund?
    • We aim to fulfill all orders on time and to the highest quality. If something is not right, please follow the steps below.
Food & Beverage OrdersRetail / Duty Free Orders
If possible, please raise any concerns with the team members at the pick-up point – if this is a collection order, speak to location staff; for delivery orders, speak to the delivery person if still available.

If this is not possible, please contact our support desk at dxbmore.help@servy.ae with details of your order and issues encountered and we will do all we can to rectify as quickly as possible.
If you require a refund for a retail order placed through the marketplace, the process will be determined by the policy of the store from where you ordered. For convenience we have included each retailer’s returns policy here.

Collection: If you are collecting your order in store, please liaise directly with the store staff to arrange your refund in accordance with the corresponding policy.

Delivery: If your items have been delivered to you, please either:
1. Refuse the delivery and request that the delivery provider returns the items to the store directly; or
2. Return the items yourself, either in person or, if this is not possible, by post upon arrival at your destination.

In either event, please contact our support desk at dxbmore.help@servy.ae so that we can record your return and assist with its completion should this be required.
  • How can I rate my experience?
    • On your Servy e-receipt, there is a link to a survey where you can rate your experience!
  • What happens to my credit card information after the transaction has completed?
    • No credit card information is stored by Servy; instead it is passed on to our payment processor via dual-layered encryption. Servy maintains PCI compliance for all payments.
  • I have a promotional discount code. How do I redeem it?
    • Just add your discount code at checkout and this will be applied automatically to your basket.